My strength in this format is being able to take the resources available, and build a story. My goal with the examples below is not to show editing skills, but to highlight my skill in storytelling. Video is the most engaging media, so when you pair it with a well crafted story it really opens doors for your brand’s messaging. I’m the biggest asset in the conceptualization and art direction of short format videos.

In this case, we has a previously recorded zoom conversation with a client that I cut and chopped into a feature about these this mural project. Re-mapping this video was challenging, but very rewarding when I got it right in the end.

This video was created using footage of a series of interviews with a former employee that was never used. When I was tasked with creating an interactive brochure about this theatre, I knew I wanted to have a video component if possible, and put this together from my available resources.

For this video, I also interviewed everyone, which is an aspect I don’t normally get to participate in, but really enjoy. Unfortunately, that also means it was recorded from an iPhone in a room with a very loud air conditioner because we had just a few hours notice. With the volume up, the flow I gave to this video allows the artist’s process to speak for itself.